Manchester, Start of Shabbos - פרשת ויקרא. ראש חודש, פרשת החודש
Friday 16th March 5.59pm
Manchester, End of Shabbos
Saturday 7.06pm
English French German Hebrew

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Our Mission

The MANCHESTER BETH DIN serves the Community by . . .

  • providing a high standard of kashrus
  • supervising the full spectrum of kosher retail outlets
  • featuring our renowned MK logo on a wide range of branded products and ingredients
  • overseeing kashrus at schools and welfare organisations
  • acting as a Court of Law, granting gittin and providing arbitration and mediation
  • arranging for the burial of the poor and those who have made no burial provisions
  • ensuring chaplaincy services for hospitals and prisons
  • advising smaller communities
  • protecting Shechita and other religious practices
  • supervising the erection of local eruvs
  • guiding non-Jewish agencies on matters of Jewish practice
  • promoting the Community’s interests to LEAs and other public bodies
  • administering the voluntary Chevra Kadisha
  • ensuring the kashrus of local mikvaoth
  • publishing an annual luach
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