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Personnel of Manchester Beth Din Ltd, MBD Kosher Certification Services Ltd, MBD Shechita Services Ltd

The Beth Din

For a Beth Din to be fully constituted a forum of three is required. It would appear that from its earliest days the Manchester Beth Din was made up of three Dayonim and this is the case until today.


Dayan Gavriel Krausz שליט''א, Rosh Beis Din







Dayan Yitzchok Berger שליט''א, Av Beis Din.

Dayan Yehuda Osher Steiner שליט''א, Rav Hamachshir







Rabbi Hillel Royde שליט''א - Kashrus Co-Ordinator/Researcher

Rabbi Yaakov Pines שליט''א - Kashrus Researcher


Rabbi Yehuda Brodie z''l joined tin 1976. He is Manchester born and educated. Following schooling at Broughton Jewish Primary School and Bury Grammar School, he spent a period at Manchester Yeshiva. This was followed by enrolment at Manchester Metropolitan University where he graduated with a B.A. Honours in Law. He was granted his Rabbinical Diploma in 2001.


Finance Director:

Mr. Michael Livshin was born in Salford and was educated at Prestwich Jewish Day School and Stand Grammar. He graduated from Strathclyde University with a degree in Economics. He has held accountancy positions with Gardner Merchant and Manchester City Council before joining in 2007.


P.A. to the Administrator:

Miss Jayne Simmonds is the first point of contact for those calling.  Born in Salford, she was educated at Prestwich Jewish Day School and the Jewish High School. She joined following a period in college where she obtained her secretarial skills. She has considerable experience in all aspects of our activities.

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