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Tap in to the World of Kosher Certification

Kosher is Confidence 

Kosher is Transparency 

Kosher is opening new markets 

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MK Kosher

Global Certification 

Certifying some of the largest global food manufacturers in the world is something the Manchester Beis Din Kosher Certification Services is very proud of. Transparency, honesty and best practice are the hallmarks of our success.

Based in the North West of England, the MK (which stands for Manchester Kosher) has dedicated teams travelling the world, certifying manufacturers of raw material, ingredients and finished retail goods to the highest standards of Kosher. 


The MK Kosher certification services is a division of the Manchester Beis Din, otherwise known as Badatz Manchester, the largest Jewish court of law in the North West of England.

With many hundreds of companies and thousands of products already kosher certified, we continue at the forefront of kosher certification.

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  • Jewish Court of Law.

  • Jewish Divorce  - the 'get' service

  • Kosher certification

  • Kashrus information

  • Supervision of local Supermarkets, Restaurants, take aways and caterers 

  • Shechita services

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  • Document translation and for purpose of Aliyah

  • Cheva Kadisha, Burial of the dead                                                                                                                              and more

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