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After 10 years of what was called the Manchester Shechita Board, (MSB) in 1902 it was decided to open a full operative Beis Din. Besides for the Shechita services that it had been operating for 10 years already the Beis Din took responsibility for family matters such as divorce and inheritance as well as Dinei Torah. The Beis Din also got involved in supervision of local retailers and local food production. The Beis Din sat every Monday and Thursday and spent the rest of the week dealing with and visiting licensees. 

In 1965 the Manchester Beis Din, under the leadership of Dayan Y Y  Weisz zl and Dayan Krausz Shlita, embarked on offering kosher certification to local Manchester based manufacturing facilities. Besides for the ever growing list of kosher licensees applying to come under supervision, the MK - kosher certification services was born. In only a short amount of time the MK made it's mark in the Kosher world.

As the years went by, the number of companies steadily grew. With the foundations of Dayan Y Y Weisz, the then Av Beis Din whose responsa known as 'Minchas Yitzchok' is world recognised at the forefront of Halocha, and whose Kosher policies are upheld by the MK, the MK is now certifying some of the most prestigious brands in the world of food and ingredient manufactures. The MK kosher certification services has now grown into one of the leading authorities in Kosher certification. 

Under the leadership of Dayan Steiner Shlita and the dedicated team of auditors, researchers and office staff we provide every company with a tailor-made service, ensuring Kosher standards are upheld whilst at the same time maintaining uncompromised customer service. Every company needs some 'tlc' to achieve Kosher and we pride ourselves with the ability to treat every company personally, ensuring they achieve their end goal, which is to open up every possible market for them at very competitive costs.

From our headquarters based in Manchester our team travel the world certifying manufacturers of enzymes, flavours, aromas, herbal extracts, dairy ingredients, fats and oils, and retail products sitting on the shelves of every supermarket or local convenience store, such as Kellogg's Cornflakes, Fisherman's Friends, Heinz Ketchup or Sun Pat Peanut Butter. 

Going Kosher brings a new world of opportunity.

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