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Choosing a Kosher certifying agency is a serious business. It can impact on sales and reputation, so it pays to be choosy.

Here are ten reasons why that choice should be Manchester Beis Din Kosher Certification Services, recognised by the MK logo, seen on some of the leading brands of the food market.

  • We enjoy a global reputation for efficiency and integrity.

  • Major producers and small local businesses command the same respect and attention.

  • Our high standards are accepted by the most discriminating of consumers.

  • Our auditors and inspectors are highly trained, very experienced and totally trustworthy.

  • Our flexible fees allowing you to enter the kosher market without strangling the product at birth.

  • Our user-friendly staff can respond quickly to your every need.

  • Our systems are transparent and based on many years of excellent relations with client companies.

  • Our certificates are accepted unquestioningly by all other kosher certifiers.

  • Being community-based, there is a strict ethos of accountability and assured continuity.

  • The rich legacy of our predecessors and the standards they set, guide us and inspire us to this day.

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Manchester Beis Din (MK) appreciates the concerns companies may have with disclosing confidential information about products, ingredients, manufacturing processes, formulae and the like. MK treats all your information with the utmost importance and sensitivity. Be rest assured the MK will not divulge any such information to any third party and all information will only be used solely for the purpose of MK kosher certification.

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The Manchester Beis Din Kosher certification services looks forward to offering you Kosher certification.


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