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מכירת חמץ תשפ''ד

Selling Your Chometz Form

Latest time for eating Chometz MONDAY 22nd April 10:00 am BST

Latest time to own Chometz MONDAY 22nd April 11:34 am BST

Please note that it is preferable to sell your Chometz through a Rov. Please find a list of Rabbonim who sell Chometz through the MBD. 

Mechiras Chometz (6).png
If you are unable to get to a Rov you can follow the instructions below to sell your chometz.
This form is to be
PRINTED, FILLED OUT and POSTED back and received by the Manchester Beth Din no later than THURSDAY 18th April 2023 or PRINTED, FILLED OUT and then EMAILED to no later than FRIDAY 19th April 2023

Postal address:
Manchester Beth Din
MJCC, Jubilee School
Bury Old Road
M7 4QY


Wishing you a happy, healthy and kosher Pesach

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