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There are many halochos pertaining to shmitah for those living in Eretz Yisroel. However there are multiple halochos that apply even outside of Eretz Yisroel.  Due to the complexity of the halochos it is advisable to refrain from purchasing any fruit or vegetables from Israel  durring the shmitah season, which  will last for over a year

  • There is a difference between fruits and vegetable

  • There is a difference which part of Israel the produce was grown in.

  • There is a difference when the produce was planted/harvested

  • There are also differences with regards the actual edible part of the produce and the parts that are discarded

Below is a list of produce and a guide to when they are exported from Israel. The Herbs & Vegetables listed below will have the Shmitah restrictions accordingly.

Please be aware that this chart is only a guide and a Rabbi should be contacted if Israeli Vegetables or Herbs are bought from Israel

Shmita vegetables.png






Shmitoh fruit.jpg
Shmita herbs.png

Please note that the restrictions on Fruit still apply into 2023

Common Shmitah questions for those living in the UK 

  • May i buy Israel produce during the shmitah seasons? It is best to avoid  buying produce from Israel during shmitah

  • From when do the shmitah restrictions apply? The shmitah year begins on Rosh Hashona 07/09/21, however this will only effect vegetables and herbs. Fruits will only take  effect in the winter.

  • What happens if I made an order from the supermarket and Israeli potatoes were delivered? The potatoes should be left to rot  and only then disposed of.

  • I thought one is permitted to eat Shmitah produce? Yes, some produce may be consumed if one complies with all the Halachos involved. However there is produce that may not be consumed at all, such as sefichin. Due to its many complexities, it is advisable to avoid eating any Shmitah produce.

If you have any shmitah questions please contact the Beth Din via email - or call 0161 740 9711 

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